20 Dec 2018

Illuminates the basic principle towards human evolution leads to be more capable for his/her experience , yoga also deals on this basic principle which originates from oldest culture of human origin i.e sanatan dharma . That can be latter banned by 20 century ruler due to fear of its loosing his power and empire .


Various orgnisation has misconception about denoting his soul to devil to achieve name and fame in physical reverberation . But it is the way of reaching to that ultimate where name and fame where is small miniture in this physical life cycle . we have to be proud on all the great icon who supporting this and follows the path of gautam buddha . In this 20 century some famous presonality experiancing happiness and peace towards that ultimate which will cerate differance among us .

Way of living treating as all of this to enhance our physical experiance that illuminates follows the path of sanatan dharma and idol of gautam buddha for complete peace and pleasure .

This is a small steps of our organisation to create real belief on this subjects . I f you like my blogg please share and subscribe to make this belief in reality apart from all these and want ay changes please comments in my comments sections developers are most welcomes to improve our power of sharing .


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